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All You Need to Know About Bake Club

by Paul Petersen

Everyone loves cakes. But how can you ensure that the cakes you bake are at their greatest potential? It’s simple: being creative and always trying out new recipes to develop new flavours and tastes. 

What do I need to hone my baking skills?

To remain professional and on top of your game, you need to practice and try new recipes continually. With millions of recipes doing the rounds online, you have so much information to put to the test. But to pull mouth-watering cakes out of your oven, it’s advisable to join a Bake Club. By joining Bake Club, you gain access to a bakers and cake lover’s community, where everyone has a passion for every aspect of the baking industry.

Home baking kits

While it’s evident that the tools of any trade will determine the final product, sometimes you can have everything you require at your disposal, but still end up with unsatisfactory results. Home baking kits range from measuring cups for both liquid and dry, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, and spatula/metal turner. 

There is also a pastry brush, whisk, kitchen scissors, rolling pin, and fine-mesh sieve. Others tools include a Chef’s knife, Rectangular baking pan, round cake pan, loaf pan, pie plate, wire rack, muffin pan, baking sheet/cookies, and a sheet pan.

You also have a hand mixer/stand and parchment paper mixer. These are the essential kitchen baking must-have kits. You can upgrade at a later date to different baking kits; when the situation suits you. 

Baking recipe app

The Bake Club is a baking recipe sapp with easy to follow step-by-step guides on creating delicious desserts for the whole family. Set to launch in the Autumn of 2020, this app will inject a new purpose of baking in your kitchen. But what makes this app different from the others? The app consists of carefully selected cake recipes that have been created by the best professional pastry chefs at Brigit’s Bakery. 

Brigit and her professionals have a vast experience, which is the icing on the cake for this app. Since they have been serving award-winning cakes and pastries to clients from around the world since 2010, you can surely learn a lot from them. With all hands-on the deck, both at their bakery in Covent Garden and on their famous double-decker Bus Tours across London, you can be sure to expect great things from this app. It’s a must have for your kitchen tool kit. 

What recipes do I expect to find in the app?

The recipes in this app cover a wide range of tarts, potted deserts, and entremets, which bring out the very best of Brigit’s bakery experience and uniqueness. You will also find Choc Chip Cookies, Carrot Cake, Tiramisu, Exotic Fruit Mousse, a Summer Fruit Verrine, and much more. With this app on your device, home baking and pastry making will be made more accessible, easier to follow, a better all-round experience, and exciting. It’s time to revive your baking!

How does the Bake Club app work?

The bake club app is not your everyday cooking app. It brings professional baking to your home with easy-to-follow visual steps that include handy photographs and videos. Yet again, here is the cherry on top of the cake – the app responds to voice commands and even allows you to set a timer while you are baking. With the Bake Club app, you literally have your own personal chef standing in your kitchen. 

You can also sign up for a one-off home baking boxes or upgrade to the Bake Club Box Subscriber to get monthly deliveries and all the ingredients you need to make your choice of a tasty dessert. The service is even bespoke: you can get a package with your ingredients in individual kits.

The best bit is, as soon as you become a part of the Bake Club community, you get the chance to join LIVE classes and an opportunity to bake alongside professional chefs with online streaming from their kitchen to yours. This experience just keeps on getting better! Click on the app and be the first one to download the Bake Club app for an experience of a lifetime. Sample the app rates below:

Bake Club Member 

For the above subscription:

  • You will get access to the baking recipe app for FREE. 
  • Seven guided recipes are included.
  • Purchase one-off recipes for only 99p
  • Purchase one-off boxes for £23.95
  • Join live baking classes

Eclipse Club Subscriber

For the above, you get:

  • You pay £1.99 PER MONTH
  • Get access to the baking recipe app for FREE
  • You get seven guided recipes included for FREE
  • Purchase one-off boxes for only £23.95
  • Join live baking classes to learn more from professionals 
  • You also enjoy discounts and offers from our partners (including Brigit’s Bakery)

Box Club Subscriber

For this subscription:

  • You get to pay £19.95 PER MONTH
  • Get access the baking recipe app and all guided recipes for FREE
  • You will receive one recipe box every month
  • Purchase additional one-off boxes for only £19.95
  • A chance to Join live baking classes
  • You will enjoy discounts and offers from partners (including Brigit’s Bakery)

The app really is a game-changer when it comes to baking

As you can imagine, hiring a chef costs a pretty penny. However, if you download the Bake Club app, you get your own personal chef to show you around the pastry world’s ins and outs while you hone your skill at becoming an even better professional from the comfort of your own home.