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Hens  Party  Dares  And  Games

by Ebony Tromp

The beloved HENS party game by MAGIC MEN in one location 

One of the must-haves to remember when planning a fun night out is the Hen Party games. There are plenty of fun suggestions, whether it’s a hen’s night or a beer before going to the club. These are the games that you and your community should enjoy, which will crack the ice and immediately make you laugh. You have several choices for preparing your hen’s night party, from naughty party to drinking games to fun games! Drinking games such as ‘I’ve never seen it’ and ‘Drinking Horse’ offer the perfect chance for your friends to have a tough party! Scavenger hunts are classic hen party games everyone would enjoy, and Truth or Dare. 

Make some of your questions playful, pleasant, and very demanding, adventurous or scavenger hunting things! If it’s your job to coordinate a hen party, you’re probably going to schedule a few games to make your guests laugh nicely and take them to your wedding. When planning your game, it is a smart idea to schedule a little. No one, in truth, likes parties with so many timetables. Although when hosting groups of girls, playing a few games may be a lifesaver. You do not know as well, or you might also be your closest buddies. For more entertainment, make a topless waiter play in the game. They just love the game! 

With the Top 5, launch the party with Bridal Clothing 

Bridesmaids come together to select various types of dress and fabrics to make the bride an evening ensemble. No matter where the night goes, this outfit should be worn all evening by the bride! There is now a way to turn the hen into the centre of attention! 

HENS Stalk Janitor 

Build a list of things around your home or location that you can search. Be imaginative and dream about objects ranging from easy things like the lighter of a stranger to cheeky stuff like the boxer of a stranger. Note that this is a scavenger hunt in class H (for hens). So, think of a playful and cheeky thing that will get people out of their comfort zone. Divide the hen party into two groups after the list is formed, and the group from which more of the things in the list come out will win. 

The Reality or the Brazen 

Great game for indoor hen parties. Take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere and the flowing cocktails, and get them all together for a game of Truth or Dare. To determine whose turn will go into the examination, show a little (or a lot) about yourself, and allow yourneighbour’s yard wander fully naked, you’ll have to flip a coin or turn a bottle one at a time. 

I’ve never seen a 

The perfect game for drinking. By getting to know others and sharing private information about what-girl has and does not do, what is a better way to start the night, so you cansolidify your lifetime relationship. Each girl spins the circle one at a time to show something they’ve never done before. 

Fixing the stripper with the prosthesis 

In most adult outlets, this game is available for purchase, and we suggest playing it yourself. Grab the exploded stripper poster and stick the stripper over a picture of the groom ‘s head. For all members of the hen party, make a Willie cutout, and each person calls it Willie. The aim of the game is to blindfold and lead one girl to a poster at a time. She has to bring Willie where she feels she ‘s going to go. The entire party will be turned hysterical by this operation. For information visit Magic men