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How to please a man? Give the most exotic experience to your man on the bed

by Ebony Tromp

Everyone has fantasies about how they want to make love with their beloved. Some get the chance to fulfill it but some fail to do so because of a few mistakes they commit while making love. Women remain unsatisfied with their men if they penetrate very soon but they are unaware of the fact that they might be doing it wrong. Only a man could tell you about another man regarding what they love on the bed or how to please a man?


We would give you some tips about how can you make your sex experience better and give your man more pleasure in bed. The things you need to do are-

  • Communication- Most of the couples feel awkward talking about sex. But it would be the best way to clear each other’s minds about what they want from each other. It would be better if you ask your man what fantasies he has and what he wants you to do for him? A communication gap could ruin your sex life.
  • Anticipation- We don’t ask you to be a mind reader but try to read his moves, the notice his gentle parts, parts where he quivers or moans. Send him naughty messages, ask him to touch you differently, ask him about the sex toy he wants to use on you, take a bath together, lure him for you when he is away from you. This would increase his sexual desire and would give him a heavenly experience.
  • Oral sex- Most of the men like to get a good oral job which would give them an exotic experience. If you could give him a nice blow job, holding command on the right parts like scrotum, perineum and the glan, nothing would get him better on the bed.
  • Foreplay- You should try to be elongate the foreplay. Longer foreplay would increase his desires and make him desirous of you that would help him reach the climax with satisfaction. This is how you can please your man. Don’t rush to climax because most of the guys try to skip foreplay just to dig deep for longer but they could not do it for long and remain unsatisfied.
  • Focus on sensitive zones- You should try to focus on his sensitive zones. Kiss him on the neck, massage his balls and prostrate while giving blowjob, apply more pressure on the shaft and the base, try to find his sensitive areas that would give the best pleasure.

So, if you want to please your man, just keep in mind all these things and you would make your man beg for such an amazing experience again and again.