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Ingredients of the healthy relationship 

by Danhy White

Healthy relationship is not just about sharing interest and attachments with each other, as it is more than that. It requires daily efforts, commitments etc. There are not always good times in a relationship, as there are bad times too. So, if you want to create a healthy relationship, you have to stick with your partner through their thick and thin. To make your relationship more strong, you can visit cityxguide.

The basic ingredients required for healthy relationship are as follows.

  • Emotional responsibility – You do not try to make your partner responsible for your self- worth, happiness and emotional safety. To create a healthy relationship, you should know that all this comes from the way you treat yourself. If you are abandoning yourself, you will always feel low self- worth, unhappy and emotionally unsafe. All these problems generate from ignoring yourself, judging yourself etc. and it always led to unhealthy relationship. So, if you want a healthy relationship, you should take responsibilities of your own feelings.
  • Compassion, kindness, Empathy and Acceptance – This is the major and important ingredient for healthy relationship. Relationship will blossom or flourish, when both the partners are kind, compassionate, empathetic and accepting. It will automatically develop when you learn how to be compassionate, accepting and kind to yourself. Firstly, you should respect yourself then you can respect others.  
  • Enjoy with each other and time apart – For a healthy relationship, it is important to spend time and enjoy with each other. Some people want to be with each other all the time and some have their own interest or want to spend some time with their friends. So, it is important to support your partner in doing this.
  • Learn through conflict – Healthy partners have the ability to listen each other and they do not stuck to win or they do not argue with each other. For a healthy relationship, learning from conflicts and resolving them in a way that works for both the partners is very important.