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Is it safe to use sex dolls for intimacy?

by Ebony Tromp

With huge improvement in the sex doll market, the industry has come up with new features and specifications particularly designed for satiating exotic desires. These dolls have been shaped to give the perfect feeling of a real human being. The sales rate has been very impressive over the past few years which clearly indicate that these dolls have been willingly accepted by the society.

The sex dolls have been improved and upgraded over the years to enhance its functionality and to make it more real. You can find dolls with AI technology which means that these dolls have been mechanized and it can make sounds while having sex or have a conversation with you. The dolls made up of TPE and silicon is of premium quality and they are 100% safe to use. Having a love doll at home is better than visiting a brothel where chances of fatal health issues like STI can infect you. Sex doll on the other hand will be used by you only and it is made up of premium materials keeping in mind the hygiene factor.

Tips to stay safe while using sex dolls:

In this article, we will discuss about how you can stay safe while using your sex doll. First of all, you should be very careful about the product you are buying, the materials used for its production and the design. You will find plethora of websites so it is important to understand what to buy and what to avoid. When buying male sex dolls, it is very important to spend a little more and you should not make any compromise on the quality. Here mentioned are few advices that will help you to stay safe while using a doll:

  • Clean your doll after using it– Cleaning your doll after use is one of the important things to do. Every time you have sex with your doll, make sure that you clean your doll and its parts and orifices thoroughly. If you do not clean it properly, you might have infections the next time you have sex with the doll. Read the manual and use warm water and soap solution to clean it. Make sure that you store the doll in a safe and clean place. The doll can be cleaned with disinfectant without any damage to the quality.
  • Do not allow others to use the doll– Sharing is caring but this logic is not applicable when using a sex doll. Do not allow your friends or anyone to use your doll. This is because they might have STI or any other transmissible diseases which might affect you later on. You cannot complaint that the doll is the reason for your infections and diseases. The germs of the third person might not get cleaned properly and you will be the one getting affected.
  • Buy the product from a reliable store– It is very important to buy anime sex dolls or any other doll from a popular sex doll store. This is because a reputable shop will give you warranties.

The best thing about buying a quality sex doll is that TPE and silicon materials are hypo-allergic in nature.