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Is the Adult Page Skip the Games Legit?

by Sheri gill

There’s nothing more annoying than spending time on the internet looking at websites with fake girls. Of course, none of them will admit that they are fake, but if you have enough experience as we do, you’ll easily see that they are fake if that’s the case.

When it comes to this page called Skip the Games, you can say that they have chosen the right name. You should skip the game that they’ve set up for you and go look for another place where you’ll find real people ready to mingle and have sex. See what true dating sites do here.

In this article, we’re sharing more info on this page, and we will explain why we’ve made such a conclusion. We spent hours on it thoroughly looking through the details and analyzing the people registered as potential girls ready to have sex with you, and we’ve come to this opinion – this is not the best page out there.

What do they claim to offer vs what they really offer?

They claim to offer a ton of girls ready for your disposal. They offer escort girls too, but they have no control over what’s happening after you hire some of them. We all know that escort services are legal, but in most cases, things go terribly wrong afterward.

This is why you should be very careful with any escort page. You must be looking into the issue more seriously and be careful about something not going wrong. If it does, you’ll have trouble with the law, and this is not what you’re looking for in an adult dating site.

When you look at the images of the registered profiles, you’ll feel like you’ve come to the brothel. If this is what you’re searching for, then fine, but the site claim to have girls ready for dating, while these girls all either escort service that is risky to hire or bots that are not even real.

More reviews claim the same. If you want to know what one of the most credible review sites for this matter says about it, you can read more on the link. You’ll notice that they claim the same, and they point out how this is more of an escort site providing suspicious behavior rather than a page that gives you dating service.

What about payment

Just to use the services of the website, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Additionally, every different profile may ask more depending on their reputation. They might charge for their escort services, which is normal everywhere around the world.

However, when you realize that you’re supposed to pay for the website use, and you have to pay for the escort services too, then pay for dinner, and transport, it turns out that you’re wasting a ton of money for far too little pleasure.

Instead, you can go to a page that offers their services for meeting single and available women without paying anything. There are web pages that will register you for free and will not demand any additional fee. These are the best places to look for your potential partner.

Of course, some websites will ask for a subscription fee, and in lots of cases, this is a standard procedure. For them to maintain the page and constantly provide perfect service, it’s normal for their users to pay the subscription fee. If you don’t pay it, they’ll struggle to maintain the site, and less available girls will be there for you, so make sure you go to a place where fees are low and services outstanding.


When you consider everything, you can conclude that Skip the Games is not legit. They are nothing more than a scamming site that is a façade with beautiful pictures of young Asian girls, which in most cases mean nothing because you can’t actually talk to them. See what scam sites are on the link: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-to-spot-a-fake-fraudulent-or-scam-website-aUBir8j8C3kZ.

If you’re about to look for a date or some adult action, you shouldn’t spend time here, but go elsewhere and find something truly useful. Search the internet for the best online dating sites and don’t waste your time with these guys.