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The Culture Of Prostitution In Mumbai

by Danhy White

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, has a part inside its vast world called Kamathipura. Kamathipura is one of the largest red-light areas in Asia, offering Mumbai escort service to the neighbourhood. 

Kamathipura is not the only sex trafficking area in Mumbai. There are many like that in Mumbai, making the city the ultimate destination for the tourism of sex. These sex markets in Mumbai consist of all sorts of people, from women and children to men and transgender people.

Sex workers

Most of the sex workers involved in the business do not join it out of their will. Instead, poverty, unemployment, lack of resources, and illegal trafficking are the reasons behind most that form a part of this dynamic universe. 

Condition in which the sex workers work

The conditions of living of these sex workers are very difficult and miserable. There is poor hygiene, and sexual intercourse is performed without any protection, keeping the sex workers at a very high risk of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. 

Following the primary instance of HIV/AIDS distinguished in Mumbai, endeavours to forestall the illness were attempted. With the execution of these endeavours, advocates remembered they needed to comprehend the working of the sex industry.[9] As endeavours to draw in with sex labourers for HIV/AIDS avoidance expanded, many of these focused exclusively on female sex labourers, disregarding male and transsexual sex labourers.

Lately, Mumbai has decreased the number of whore houses because of improvement, the elevated enemy of dealing endeavours, and police authorization assaults. This has brought about the dispersal of sex labourers, expanding their vulnerability. While endeavours to urge ladies’ sex labourers to utilize condoms have been underlined, their clients regularly face trashing. In an interview with a sex worker from an Andheri escorts, it was learned that the customers are mostly not interested in using a condom. 

Bombay High Court on Prostitution 

Seeing that prostitution, without anyone else, is neither a criminal offence under the law nor guilty. Yet, its public sales are, the Bombay high court put away lower courts’ requests that kept three ladies in a remedial home for nearly 12 months. Instead, the court requested that they be delivered right away.

Desires of the sex workers

Having seen the most exceedingly awful time during the pandemic, 87% of the sex labourers bleeding cash light region (RLA) of Hanuman Tekdi in Bhiwandi are presently anxious to take an elective way to support a living, shows a study led by Shree Sai Seva Sanstha, an NGO that principally centres around government assistance of sex labourers. 

To assist them with defeating the issue of joblessness and keep their stomachs taken care of, the NGO has responded to the call to prepare these sex labourers in different projects like fitting and Diya-production to assist the ladies with employable abilities and have an honourable kind of revenue.


The world of sex as a source of income is real, but its operation needs to be upgraded. Unfortunately, it is the need of the hour.