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Tips for cleaning your Sex Doll

by Sheri gill

Cleaning of sex dolls is mandatory after use. It is not only necessary for the doll look fresh and sexy but needed for personal hygiene. Like washing dildos and vibrators, you should be careful about cleaning your dear sex doll after every use. Take a luffa on a stick and keep cleaning the vagina, anus and mouth of the doll to remove the last traces of residue from the sexy hot girl doll.

Here are some necessary tips shared for cleaning your sex doll

Vaginal irrigator

Also known as douche or popularly called enema bulb is the ideal cleaner of the insides of any premium sex doll heads. You can shop it from any renowned online shop like Amazon or eBay and keep it with you so that every time after penetration, you can use it to wash off the residues from the vagina of the sex doll.

For best use, wash off the doll immediately with the irrigator soon after you’re done with the sex doll. Initially use cold water and after that switch to warm water for deep cleaning and sanitization of the doll.

Squirt bottle

If you have a squirt bottle then squirt soapy water from the bottle inside out the doll for cleansing it thoroughly.

Use a luffa with stick

Use some soap on a luffa and wash off the semen from the sex doll and wash under running cold water for making the doll look fresh and appealing.

Hand shower

Wash sex doll accessories with handheld showers for better cleaning. Use light soap to clean off the semen or spit from the doll. The pressure of water from the hand shower helps to clean off the residues on the silicone doll faster.

You can also wash the wig and the dresses on the doll separately apart from cleaning the silicone body.