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What is swingingand how can I engage in swinging with my partner

by Tereso sobo

Have you ever been to one of those exotic parties where you go with your partner and wake up with another person entirely on your bed? Swinging is one of those engaging sexual experiences anyone shouldn’t miss in their lifetime. It’s part of getting out our youthful lust and satisfying our sexual demons. Having a partner who understands swinging and loves swinger’s party is one of the sexiest of all. You need not worry about getting too emotionally attached that you can barely share your partner with a total stranger. It’s nothing serious; it’s just sex. If you and your partner happen to hold the same belief in swinging, your partying would know no bound.

According to research, swinging with your partner does not only increase the trust in your relationship, but it also gives both partners a sense of belonging that they trust one another to explore their sexuality yet, respect the thinnest differences. Swinging is simply the act of having sex with another partner while your partner does the same, primarily at a party. Note that it’s consensual, and both partners must be willing to give it a try.

How can I swing with my partner?

Maybe you’ve been having your friends invite you and your partner over to swinging parties, and you’ve been declining. You don’t have to decline anymore; you could simply talk to your partner about it. Here are some of the tips to follow in engaging in swinging with your partner

Have the swinging conversation:

There’s nothing as intimate as having a conversation with your partner. Irrespective of whatever you’d like to introduce to the relationship, be sure your partner consents and is okay with it. If you’d be introducing swinging, ensure your partner also wants to explore with you. Although swinging is somewhat incomplete without a partner, you need to convince your partner of the importance of swinging and how it would help your relationship. You can also play some bisexual threesome videos exhibiting swinging to buttress your opinion of why you and your partner need to engage in swinging.

Visit as many swingers’ parties as possible:

Once your partner is aware and has given consent, it’s time to begin visiting swingers’ parties. It’s about time you started honoring those invites from friends and colleagues. So, ensure your partner is educated on the etiquette at the swingers’ party as this is very important. There are dos and don’ts you need to follow to enjoy the best of the party. Most individuals regard swingers’ party as an orgy party; well, this isn’t so wrong although, orgy doesn’t capture the true meaning of swinging.

Make swingers your mutual:

Another means of swinging with your partner is when both of you have them as mutual, as friends. Like, will always attract like when it comes to sexual attractions. So, be sure you make the proper connection with friends if you want to enjoy swinging to the fullest. Having parties every weekend makes swinging interesting,and this can’t be possible if you don’t have swingers as friends. So, keep them close!